Technical Reliability


At Dexter Magnetic Technologies, we apply outstanding quality, advanced manufacturing, and innovative magnetic design to help our customer succeed.

We ensure quality and long-term reliability with a vertically integrated approach. We help solve design challenges and identify the best materials for your target application. Our expert capabilities enable us to meet your needs with our involvement in designing, machining, assembling and testing of your products.

Dexter Magnetic Technologies is committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction with a perfect blend of quality and cost efficiency. Our expertise in the specification, design and fabrication of magnetic products and assemblies is inimitable. We offer the most advanced and reliable solutions for each customer.

As a trusted magnet manufacturer, we provide highest quality magnetic assemblies, medical solutions, permanent magnets, and magnetic cores, ferrites, & accessories. Our vision is to deliver innovative and scalable solutions that stand the test of time. We have been operating in this industry for the last 6 decades. Our successful track record speaks volumes about the quality of services we offer.

You can visit our online store to find a wide array of products. Many renowned businesses have been using our products with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. If you want to buy the most refined and dependable magnetic products at affordable prices, you can contact us.

Magnetic Assemblies

We offer decades of experience and technology leadership along with the industry’s most extensive investment in engineering and tools to help our partners and customers achieve the most demanding application requirements.

Medical Solutions

We have a deep understanding of the highly specialized needs and requirements of magnet performance in medical applications. We leverage magnetic engineering knowledge to optimize performance and quality.

Permanent Magnets

Understanding permanent magnets and their role in today's devices is the foundation of our business. Our extensive magnetic expertise allows us to partner with you to deliver the best permanent magnet product for your needs.

Magnetic Cores, Ferrites & Accessories

We offer the industry's most diverse array of magnetic materials. Our experienced engineers help you choose the correct off-the-shelf components or assist in a custom, cost-effective solution to fit your needs.


Dexter is Committed to Quality Services and Support.